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Free sewing patterns recommended for autumn clothes

In this article, we will introduce the recommended free patterns for autumn clothes.This blog publishes more than 30 types of free patterns and how to make clothes.We have picked up the recommended patterns for making autumn clothes ♪ We will also introduce the fabric shop.One Piece Introducing the popular One Piece pattern.Gathered dress with ribbon on the back Although it is almost straight, it has a soft and soft silhouette. It is a popular pattern on Instagram, and many people extend it to maxi length.Adult natural dress All straight dresses except the neckline.Children ...


Free sewing patterns recommended for summer

We have compiled a list of free patterns recommended for making summer clothes! There are more than 20 types.There are many other things ~ ♪ Short-sleeved blouses and dresses, almost straight wide pants and easy pants are all easy ♪ Children's clothing is also available.Click here for a list of free patterns for summer clothes Summer clothes are especially easy, and you can choose nice fabrics such as cool cotton and linen, so summer is a fun season for dressmaking.This is also recommended Summer Coordination Fabric Forest-Recommended Summer Fabric- (Move to Fabric Forest's HP) When posting to Instagram, be sure to [#yan's tsutsuku ...


Clothes summary that can be sewn with 2m cloth

Introducing a free pattern for clothes that can be sewn with 2m of cloth.I bought 2m of cloth because I thought it was nice at the cloth shop. I want to consume the cloth, but I wonder if there is a simple pattern that can be made immediately?For some reason, a cloth of about 2m tends to be left over.Why don't you sew clothes that are comfortable and comfortable to sew with a free pattern (^^)? Click here for a list of free patterns for clothes that can be sewn in 2m ♪ You can also search for patterns by the number of m of cloth you need, such as 1.5m and 2.5m ⇒ Click here.I am always grateful for your help.See you again!


Free sewing patterns recommended for spring

We have compiled more than 20 types of free patterns recommended for making spring clothes!Spring clothes that use light fabrics are the best season for handmade (^^) Long-sleeved and three-quarter-sleeved blouses and dresses, almost straight wide pants and easy pants are all easy ♪ There are also children's clothes dresses ..Click here for a list of free patterns for spring clothes. In spring, you can choose bright-colored fabrics that will make you feel happy, or gather plenty of thin fabrics ... It's fun just to think about it.This is also recommended Spring coordination [Fabric forest] Spring recommended fabric Post to Instagram ...


[For Mother's Day gifts ♪] Free patterns for kappogi and aprons and how to make them

We have summarized the free patterns for kappogi and aprons and how to make them. 2021 Mother's Day is May 5th ♪ I would like to introduce three.All patterns are designed to be used as fashionable clothes.It is also recommended as a gift for Mother's Day ♪ There is also a diagram of how to make it, so even beginners should definitely try it.Fashionable Kappogi Fashionable Kappogi with gather switching.It is a very popular pattern.It can also be used as a layered dress.Click here for free paper pattern and how to make it ↓ Apron dress With an apron dress that fits like a jumper skirt ...


Free sewing pattern for handmade clothes that are easy to breastfeed

Introducing free patterns and how to make clothes that are easy to breastfeed.The readers of the blog commented that "clothes made from this pattern are easy to breastfeed!"This is information from moms who actually made and used it.We will introduce 3 types of free patterns, blouses and dresses.Gathered blouse with ribbon on the back This blouse is like a "breastfeeding cape to wear"!I received the impression.The paper pattern has plenty of gathers, so it's easy to breastfeed.If you don't attach sleeves, it will be short sleeves, so please use it in summer ♪ With a free pattern of gathered blouse with a ribbon on the back ...


How to buy sewing thread cheaply

This time I will write about how to buy sewing thread cheaply.Handmade costs a lot of money, doesn't it?Buying a paper pattern book, buying paper, buying cloth ... and buying a thread that matches the cloth every time can be quite expensive.I wondered if I could save on the thread cost alone, so I found a way to buy sewing thread cheaply, so I will introduce it.This method is "suitable for people who sew a lot", but I hope it helps. * Thread prices are information as of August 2019.Industrial thread is a bargain ◎ What kind of sewing thread do you use?Shappespan like the picture above ...


[Pattern / How to make] Triangular bag of bag

I will write about the free paper pattern of "Triangle bag of bag" and how to make it. It is a bag that applies "Azuma bag" (also called Miyuki bag).A combination of triangles, this bag is a fashionable and fashionable accent.It is a design that men can also use.All are straight and easy to draw.You can use it like a handbag or a shoulder bag by changing the length of the string.Please arrange it to your liking.My junior who used this went to work with a lunch box in addition to the luggage I usually carry with me.Even for me ...


[Pattern / How to make] Easy remake dress

I will write about a free pattern for a simple remake dress and how to make it.A dress made by sewing gathered cloth to a commercially available top.This time, I added a skirt to the UNIQLO linen shirt (used clothes)!I am happy to be able to easily make a shirt dress.Wearing images are summarized → Click here Tops do not have to be shirts!Please try with your favorite tops.I think children's clothing can be done in the same way.The skirt is cut straight so no paper pattern is required.It's very easy to do ♪ My favorite one, such as the tops that are sleeping in the closet and have few turns ...


Make a collection of works with a photo book

I use the photo book app to create a collection of works with photos of the clothes I made. You can easily make a photo book (album) from your smartphone for around 1 yen per book, and you can have it mailed to your house.Beyond keeping records and memories ... more than that, my work is bound!I was so happy and impressed that I would like to write about making a collection of works this time.Leaving on paper Today, when smartphones have become widespread, even if you take a picture, it is rarely developed, and I think that many people save it on their smartphones or record it on SNS.But I changed the model ...


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