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Free sewing patterns recommended for autumn clothes

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In this articleFree sewing patterns recommended for autumn clothesI will introduce.

This blog publishes more than 30 types of free patterns and how to make clothes.We have picked up the recommended patterns for making autumn clothes ♪Introducing the fabric shopTo do.

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Introducing the popular one-piece pattern.

Gathered dress with ribbon on the back

It is almost straight, but it has a soft and soft silhouette. It is a popular pattern on Instagram, and many people extend it to maxi length.

[Pattern / How to make] Gathered dress with ribbon on the back

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Adult natural dress

It is a straight dress except for the neckline.There is also a child size, so please enjoy it as a matching outfit for parents and children ♪

[Pattern / How to make] Adult natural dress

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Children's natural dress

Natural one-piece children's size (90 and 110).

[Pattern / How to make] Children's natural dress

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Introducing a light outerwear that is perfect for autumn.

Easy long coat

It ’s long-sleeved,Straight sleeves make it easy to attach sleevesis!It is difficult to sew a curved armhole, but this is a pattern that you should definitely try as it is only sewn straight.Simple structure with no lining and no buttons.

The photo above is worn with the sleeves folded.

[Pattern / How to make] Easy long coat

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Introducing tops with three-quarter sleeves and long sleeves.

Straight blouse with three-quarter sleeves

All straight blouses except the neckline.It is also recommended for layering such as overalls, and it is convenient to have one because it is easy to coordinate.

[Pattern / How to make] Straight blouse with three-quarter sleeves

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Gathered blouse with ribbon on the back

I made a pattern with the image of an antique blouse with plenty of gathers and fluffy sleeves.Easy to breastfeed while wearingWe have also received word of mouth.Please use all means.

This blouse and "Gathered dress with ribbon on the back" are different in length, but the rest of the design is the same.If you make a pattern for the body, you can make both a dress and a blouse ♪

[Pattern / How to make] Gathered blouse with ribbon on the back

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Simple long sleeve blouse

It is a simple long-sleeved top with no space.The straight sleeves make it easy to sew.

[Pattern / How to make] Simple long-sleeved blouse

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Introducing a bottoms pattern that is easy to sew with elastic waist and is comfortable to wear.You can draw a line directly on the cloth without a paper pattern.

Easy pants

There are two types of easy pants.Easy Pants II has a thicker silhouette.

[Pattern / How to make] Easy pants

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[Pattern / How to make] Easy Pants II (Circus pants style)

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Wide pants

It is a popular pattern.This is also almost straight and can be made without a paper pattern.It's simple, so it's recommended for beginners and those who aren't used to drawing.It's comfortable to wear, so it's perfect for room wear.

[Pattern / How to make] Easy wide pants

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Shops where you can buy autumn fabrics

Introducing fabric stores that can be purchased online.It is an external link.Move to the shop page.

Natural "Fabric Forest"

Fabric Forest "Autumn Recommended Fabrics"

"Fabric Forest" with abundant natural plain fabrics[Autumn recommended fabric] Special pageis.One piece, outerwear, etc.Introduced by itemIt is very helpful.

Liberty print for high quality print fabrics

Chibi Chibi Kitchen Shop Page

This is a shop where you can buy Liberty prints.Of the pattern of this blogDresses, tops, skirts, etc.Many readers use Liberty Print.It's not cheap, but the quality and design are great.

Autumn-like chic patternIt's fun to look for ♪

Affordable "Fabric Matsuke"

Mr. Matsuke's "Autumn / Winter Fabric Collection"

Wide variety of fabricsNamatsuke also has a special page for autumn / winter fabrics.

Available from affordable pricesSo I think you can find the perfect fabric for everyday use.


In addition to the patterns introduced this time, there are patterns that can be used for autumn clothes.

The list of free patterns for autumn clothes is
for free trial lessons

I hope it will be a reference for autumn making.
When posting to Instagram, "#yan's Tezukuri NotebookI would be grateful if you could add the tag.
Your wonderful works have been posted.for free trial lessonsPlease see from.
I am always grateful for your help.
See you again!

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