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[Handmade] Linen A-line dress

Posted: 2019-07-05 Updated:

I made an A-line dress with bergamo linen.

Free paper pattern used (Easy A-line dress), How to make it, and recommended cloths!
Easy to make and comfortable to wear ♪
How about in summer clothes (^^)

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I wore it

I wore it!It's oversized so you can wear it comfortably.

It features a stony A-line silhouette.This time I layered denim.
It is also recommended to tie a belt made of self-fabric.

When combined with flat pumps, it gives a girly impression.
The belt is just a lock sewing machine on the scrap. → For details on how to make a beltfor free trial lessons

Free paper pattern and how to make

Click here for the free paper pattern used this time

No space, no sleeves, very easy.
This time I extended the length to 120 cm.Height is 165 cm.
The sleeves are also long for short sleeves, so try shortening or adjusting the sleeve length according to your height ♪

Recommended cloth

We use Bergamo linen (color: mustard) from [Fabric Forest], which has abundant natural cloth.

A high-quality cloth woven with high-quality Italian linen yarn.Most hemp materials have a rough texture, but this one has a smooth, cool and moist texture.

It's not too thick, not too thin, and it's moderately taut, so the silhouette of the A-line is beautiful.
I think it's a cloth that matches keywords such as "pretty casual" and "adult relax".
It has an elegant impression even in linen.
Click here for details on cloth ↓

[Linen fabric plain 15 colors] Fabric forest For washed bergamo linen dresses and coats

There are also samples, so if you like linen, please take a look and touch them!It's hard to find such high quality linen.


This time I wrote about an A-line dress made from bergamo linen.

A yellow dress will brighten your feelings ♪
I am always grateful for your help.
See you again!

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