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[Pattern / How to make] Simple long-sleeved A-line dress

Posted: 2018-08-31 Updated:

I will write about the free pattern and how to make a simple long-sleeved A-line dress.

A long-sleeved dress with a stone A-line.The neckline is a V-neck, but it also shows how to change the shape of the neckline.

Everything is straight except for the neckline.The sleeves are also straight, so people who are not good at attaching sleeves are okay.It's easy because there is no space. I think it will be completed in a day or two.

Wearing images are summarized →Click here for details
Coordination list →Click here for details

I'm a beginner, but is it okay ...?If you are, please read this first ↓

How to make clothes Review from the basics

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It is a large size.It is recommended to fold the sleeves and wear it loosely.


・ Cloth width 110 cm x 3 m
・ Interlining (for the back)
・ Sewing thread

★ Linen, cotton and double gauze are recommended.I think knit is also good.

The cloth used this time

[Wide Width] Fabric Forest Wide Width 1/40 Linen Top Chambray 50cm Unit Cloth Plain Wide Width Fashionable

I used Mori-san's linen.The good quality natural texture is perfect for a simple design.I'm worried about wrinkles when I sit down on a one-piece dress with stones, but it's okay because it has wrinkles from the beginning.For more information on clothHere.


・ Cutting scissors
·sewing machine
・ Pin
・ Thread trimming shears

[For beginners] Introducing how to choose a sewing machine and recommended sewing machines

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My professional sewing machine

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★ Tips for box drawingClick here for detailsから

★ For details on how to write the V-neckClick here for details

★ The neckline arrangement isClick here for details

★ The wearing image is 165 cm tall.Please adjust the length to your liking.

How to cut and make

Please refer to "Simple long-sleeved blouse" for how to cut and make.Click here for detailsFrom here.


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