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[Pattern / How to make] Adult natural dress

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I will write about free patterns and how to make adult natural dresses.

A natural dress with three-quarter sleeves recommended from autumn / winter to spring.Everything except the neckline is straight, so it's much easier than it looks.
Straight skirt and sleeves!It's very easy to make.

The cuffs are made soft through rubber.
There are other wearing images →for free trial lessons
I make it with various cloths →for free trial lessons

Click here for child size ↓

[Pattern / How to make] Children's natural dress

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★ The bust and waist are 112 cm.

★ The neckline is a boat neck where you can see the collarbone a little.


・ Cloth (110cm width) 3m
・ Adhesive interlining 20 x 60 cm
・ Rubber tape 8mm width 70cm
・ Sewing thread

Your work

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Thank you for your wonderful work.

Recommended color

Recommended fabric

Fabric Forest Washed antique style ramie linen 50cm unit linen fabric plain

Half linen * Color sheeting [Tumbler washer] * 100 cm width (110 cm width for natural only) 45% cot, 55% linen


・ Cutting scissors
·sewing machine
・ Pin
・ Thread trimming shears

[For beginners] Introducing how to choose a sewing machine and recommended sewing machines

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My professional sewing machine

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Enclosed drafting tips

★ For details on how to write a boat neckfor free trial lessonsから
★ The neckline arrangement isfor free trial lessons

★ Please adjust the skirt length to your liking.The wearing image is made with a skirt length of 73 cm (height 165 cm).


★ I used the entire width of the skirt.Use the cloth ears as the seam allowance.


・ If you need to repair the ground (How to prepare cloth)
・ Cut with a seam allowance
・ Mark the sleeve ridge (How to mark)
・ Attach the interlining with an iron on the back

① Put a lock sewing machine (or zigzag sewing machine) on the shoulders of the body, the hem of the sleeves, and the side of the skirt.
★ If you use the entire width of the cloth on the side of the skirt, the ears of the cloth will not fray, so you do not need a lock sewing machine.
② Align the front and back bodies with the inside and sew the shoulders.Divide the seam allowance with an iron.Sew the shoulders on the back in the same way and divide the seam allowance.
What does it mean to divide with an iron?
★ Please check if your head can pass.If it is tight, widen it and sew it again (same for the back).

③ Sew the sleeves and body according to the inside and outside (match the mark on the sleeve ridge and the shoulder line). Put the two pieces together on the lock sewing machine and iron the seam allowance to the sleeve side.

④ Apply a lock sewing machine around the lower side of the back.

⑤ Sew the back of the neckline according to the inside and outside, and make a notch in the seam allowance.Turn it over, iron it, and sew it 2 cm wide.

⑥ Sew the sides of the body from under the sleeves at once.The corners are rounded and sewn. Put the lock sewing machine together.

⑦ Fold the sleeve hem 1.5 cm.Sew 1 cm wide, leaving the rubber opening. Put 25 cm on top of each other through 2 cm of rubber, sew and close the through hole.

⑧ Align the front and back skirts with the inside and sew the sides.Divide the seam allowance with an iron.

⑨ Divide the skirt and waistline of the body into four equal parts and make three marks.Apply two coarse sewing machines (about 3 mm stitches) to the seam allowance of the skirt.
How to gather gathers

⑩ Place the skirt and body on the inside, align the marks, and fasten the pin.Gather evenly.Return the stitches (2 to 2.5 mm stitches) and sew along the finished line. Put the two pieces together on the lock sewing machine, tilt the seam allowance up (body side), and iron.

⑪ Fold the hem in three and sew.
What is a tri-fold sewing machine?



Thank you for reading.
"Your workWe are also looking forward to your application.


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